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Dr. ATW Simeons named his book “Pounds and Inches“. It shifted peoples’ approach to battling obesity more than 40 years ago… Dr. ATW Simeons gave doses of hCG drops to people overweight, both men and women. It decreased their appetite, and calibrated their metabolism to lose fat. But not just Lose it… To Use it! hCG burned their fat into energy. They specifically lost a lot of inches around the hips, thighs, buttocks and belly area.

If you follow protocol, be sure to lose a few pounds per 2-3 days. One using oral hCG drops will eat 500/900 calories a day within protein, colorful fruits and veggies. Recall, the secret of the drops is that your body itself is used as a fat melting furnace and receives the fuel it needs from your own stores of fat. The quickest places that fat comes from is the hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly area. These are the places we want to see slimmer, these are the places that are depleted when using hCG drops.


drops hcgYour body is capable of burning off fat in the areas you want. It just needs to be told to begin the process. hCG does just that. It’s a hormone that is made in the body. It makes the extra fat stores found in a mother’s body available for use when she is pregnant. with this help, her body is able to use fat for nutrients and energy regardless of current diet.

The hCG Diet is considered one of the fastest and safest ways to rid yourself of extra fat. It also aids in correcting the human body’s metabolism which helps from gaining the fat back once back to a regular diet. But in order to keep a healthy weight after a weight loss session in any case, one must keep a well balanced diet.

If you can’t help it, you can have a light exercise while on this plan. But heavy aerobic exercise is not recommended. This will be a period of time in which your body will begin to burn fat for energy, during which you will be providing it with the hormone hCG, vitamins and nutrients. During this period you need to let it run its course, after which you can resume heavy exercise. This is even recommended.

It isn’t uncommon for people who try the hCG drops to change their minds about their lifestyle. After utilizing it in your everyday life, you will see your body as a machine that is under your control. Happy previous customers report a better outlook on what they choose to eat, reduced cravings, and a tuned appetite. The metabolism is a multi-faceted system, and requires attention at all times. It also varies from person to person. The hCG hormone recalibrates the human metabolism and sets it into the motion it is designed for.


1) Take the drops based on regimen provided.

2) Follow the diet we include for you.


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Most people see results within a week when using HCG Drops. Our customers fall in love with our diet plan and report an average of 1 pound of fat lost per day.hcg dops


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If you’re battling that extra fat, and simple workouts aren’t “cutting” it… Then we urge you to try our HCG Drops diet program. At times, what is getting in the way is your own metabolism… Due to our culture and society changing, our metabolism is slowing down. Think about it. We don’t need to plow the earth to survive anymore. We don’t need to carry water home from a source. We don’t need to walk long distances because we have our Toyotas. We simply don’t use our bodies like we used to. This is where powerful natural supplements to our diet comes into play.

There are things in nature that restore balance. hCG is one of those things. It’s 100% natural. It’s safe. It has worked and will continue to work. We’re so sure that we’ll help you lose that weight that we guarantee our product. 100%, money back. But we know because we’ve seen it before… After you discover your body’s potential, there will be no stopping you. And the only thing you’ll be sending us, is a warm thank you.

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hcg dropsYou already have the answer to a more youthful-looking and proportionate body image. It’s your own body’s process of using different materials for energy. When you’re taking a walk, you’re using up energy. When you drive down to the market, you’re using up energy. You even do it when you sleep!! But the most important part, is where that energy comes from. Usually, the fastest and most reliable source of energy for the human body, is Muscle tissue. It’ll go for that first, in order to keep you insulated against the cold before it starts using up your fat. This is why starving yourself, or going on a ridiculously planned diet is unhealthy. You’re not giving your body what it needs, but rather… You’re putting it in shock. Hence, you feel weak. Unable to workout, and the results don’t come because you’re burning the muscle UNDER the fat.hcg drops

But when you add hCG drops to your diet, everything changes. You see, the diet we provide for you is simple. You don’t need the ingredients delivered, so you can find the freshest products and choose them yourself! The energy that your body needs is provided from the diet.

Getting on the diet is one thing… but the drops tell your body to directly target just Fat tissue. So, your body has the amount of nutrients it needs and it’s adding fat cells, and using THEM for energy as well! Hence, you’re body is becoming more optimized for using up energy, rather than storing it. You have much more natural energy throughout the day, because energy is more available!

hcg drops And that’s not even the best part. The coolest thing is that you actually begin to understand the way that your body reacts and works in terms of energy. We are sure that you will love to live healthy. You’ll love seeing your muscles, and actually using them. Visible results within a week will give you a good amount of confidence, rest assured. This may even carry you to becoming someone who falls in love with FITness. Becoming healthier, slimmer, and visibly- more Vibrant as a person.




What to Expect:

1. Diet Change.
2. daily regimen of hCG.
3. hCG Targeting Fat cells.
4. Metabolism stabilized.
5. Results within one week.

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